Underwood reiterates challenge for San Nicolas to come home and debate

(UOG photo)

Congressional Candidate Robert Underwood has reiterated his challenge to Delegate Michael San Nicolas to come home and debate.

Underwood noted that the House of Representatives has already completed their part of the Coronavirus Package legislation and that the remaining negotiations are being conducted by the leaders of the House and the Senate, and the President’s team.

“There has been no House vote since July 31, and the last subcommittee meeting was on
August 6,” Underwood said. “Most of the members of the House of Representatives are home with their constituents.”

Underwood directly challenged San Nicolas to a debate on the knowledge of Congress, their
past records and, most importantly, the plans for the future.

Underwood notes that there are two upcoming opportunities to debate. The first is a Chamber of Commerce Forum on Aug. 19, and the second is a planned debate by MEGAMIXX 101.9 KTKB FM.

Underwood will participate in both, as he has participated in every available forum, and
accepted every opportunity to speak before the public.

Underwood’s full remarks are available for viewing on the Robert Underwood Facebook
page https://www.facebook.com/underwoodforcongress2020

(Dr. Robert Underwood News Release)