GEB Votes to Reprimand Underwood; But 1 Member Changes Mind & That Could Change Outcome


Guam – The Guam Education Board Tuesday night voted to issue a letter of reprimand to DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood.

However, the letter of reprimand has not yet been issued and at least 1 GEB member has announced that he has changed his mind and would like to withdraw his vote for a reprimand. That could change the outcome and result in no reprimand being issued.

Underwood has been under threat of disciplinary action in the wake of last month’s Legislative oversight hearings on bullying and sexual harassment in the island’s Public Schools.

5 of the 8 Board members voted to issue the letter of reprimand, including Joe S. San Agustin.

But on the K-57 Breakfast Show Wednesday morning,  Agustin said “I voted for it and I shouldn’t have.”

He explained that they adjourned quickly after the vote and only afterwards did San Agustin ask GEB Chairman Ron Ayuyu “What was the basis for the reprimand.”

Hear San Agustin’s interview with Ray Gibson on the K-57 Breakfast Show:


When Ayuyu could not explain the basis, San Agustin says he asked “You don’t have a basis for it?”

San Agustin explained that “number one she [Dr. Underwood] reported to the Board. She told us exactly the course of action she’s taking. She has identified the disciplinary actions she going to take against the folks who failed to perform their jobs.”

“And that’s why I immediately advised the Chairman, I said ‘I’m withdrawing.’ And at the next Board meeting I’m going to announce that. And I want to have that re-voted on because its not fair to Dr. Underwood.”

 If  San Agustin is permitted to change his vote then the vote would be a 4-4 tie and no reprimand would be issued because 5 votes are required.