Underwood: San Nicolas silent on CDC and absent in Washington negotiations 

Congressional candidate and former University of Guam President Robert Underwood has released his plans to get a Guam-centric COVID relief plan from Congress. (PNC file photo)

Robert Underwood’s camp issued a release Monday morning asking, “Where was Delegate Mike San Nicolas when the Center for Disease Control carved Guam out of the United States and President Trump announced a plan via executive order which reduces support for Guam?”

The release goes on to say, when the CDC warned about international travel to Guam, Governor Leon Guerrero stepped up and defended the island. Delegate San Nicolas remained quiet, according to Underwood, who said, “He [San Nicolas] missed an opportunity to unite with Guam’s leaders to tell federal officials about Guam’s status and conditions.” Governor Leon Guerrero tried to give a geography lesson to the CDC, but the Delegate was silent, said Underwood.

The statement continues saying: For several days, we have been hearing that San Nicolas is in Washington in order to fight for Guam in the next cycle of Covid19 Relief legislation. The reality is that this is being negotiated at the highest levels between the leaders of the Senate, House of Representatives and the President. The Delegate has no role in that process, and he refuses to return home to be with his constituents.

Most of the members of the House of Representatives are now home. The House already passed their legislation. San Nicolas is staying in Washington DC rather than being on Guam with the people he represents.

President Trump has announced a series of executive orders which may not be enforceable and offer no real solutions to Guam or the needs of the entire country. Delegate San Nicolas has not taken a stand on behalf of Guam or provided evidence that he is involved in any of these discussions.

“It is time to come home to Guam and debate the issues for our future,” Underwood added.

(News Release from RU Ready Campaign)