Underwood, San Nicolas trade barbs over debate issue


Congressman Michael San Nicolas was invited to debate Robert Underwood.

San Nicolas responded by accusing Underwood of bullying.

The two candidates were invited to a debate that would be held before a runoff election to decide who will represent Guam in Congress

The election is scheduled for Nov. 17 and early voting started Monday.

Underwood issued a release in which he accepted the debate, but San Nicolas declined.

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In a release, San Nicolas said: “I grew up with great teachers in our school system, all of whom always taught me ‘never engage with a bully. Ignore them and just focus on what you need to do.'”

In response, Underwood issued a release consisting of a single sentence.

The release asked, “If Mike San Nicolas cannot defend himself in an open forum in front of the people of Guam, how can he defend Guam in Washington D.C.?”

Underwood elaborated on his comment this morning with Patti Arroyo on Newstalk K57.

“If the delegate is too fragile to be able to have an open discussion in front of the people of Guam, certainly this creates doubt about his ability to be able to advance our cause in Washington D.C., where there is a real tough discussion and real tough debate. The call here is not to engage in a knockdown drag-out fight. The call here is to find the truth. To have an exchange of ideas.” Underwood said.

PNC News reached out to San Nicolas this morning for a response. San Nicolas responded by saying, “We are ignoring him…so really we won’t be responding.”