Underwood says he will ‘restore accountability’ to Guam congressional delegate’s office

Former Guam Delegate and UOG President Robert Underwood (file photo)

Congressional candidate Dr. Robert Underwood says he will restore accountability to the delegate’s office.

On K57 this morning, he told host Phil Leon Guerrero that he will make himself available and interact with anyone who has questions or comments about the issues affecting Guam.

He said we need a style of leadership that says ‘I’m going to try and cooperate and work with as many people as possible.’

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“You know the only way that political candidates are held accountable is when they present themselves to the public. And they have to present themselves to the public in a direct way and open up to direct questions,” Underwood said.

Underwood is challenging incumbent Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas for the Democratic nomination for delegate in the Aug. 29 primary.

He cautioned the legislature to carefully consider any changes in this year’s primary process.

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“The issue is not voter suppression. The issue is voter participation. How do we enhance voter participation even if we have a primary election as originally planned, or if we go to a general? I believe the legislature has to consider early voting This is done routinely in many states and it’s been done successfully,” the former UPG president said.

Underwood also pointed out that if the primary is canceled in August and he has to face both San Nicolas and Republican delegate candidate Wil Castro in the general election, the winner will have to achieve 50% plus one of the total vote.

And that may require a runoff, he said.