VIDEO: UOG – Prospect of Sea Algae Farming for Pharmaceuticals Could Lead to Creation of First UOG Research Corp


Guam – UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood is excited about the possibilities of farming sea-algae off the coast of Guam which some researchers think may lead to to the development of drugs to treat cancer, alzheimer’s and other diseases.


University of Florida Professor Dr. Hendrik Luesch recently visited Guam and discovered some promising algae species growing in Apra Harbor and Cetti Bay.

Dr. Underwood has invited him to come back to the island to deliver the 22nd Presidential Lecture  this Thursday. Dr. Luesch will share some of what he has learned about the algae that grows in the waters around the island.

And Dr. Underwood says its important for the University as well as the isladn as a whole because it could lead to the first practical application of a new law that allows UOG to create research corporations.

Dr. Luesch will deliver his Presidential Lecture Thursday, April 10th, at 5:30pm at UOG’s College of Liberal Arts in the CLASS Lecture Hall. 

 About Dr. Luesch
Hendrik Luesch received his Diplom in Chemistry at the University of Siegen (Germany) in 1997.  He studied marine natural products chemistry at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa where he obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2002 under the guidance of Prof. Richard E. Moore.

In 2005, he joined the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Florida.  In 2011, he was awarded the three-year University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) Professorship and, in 2012, the endowed Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair in Drug Research and Development.

As of 2013, he is the endowed Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development where he leads a multidisciplinary marine natural products drug discovery and development program.  In 2013, he founded and now directs the Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery and Development (CNPD3) at the University of Florida.

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