Underwood: Trust, integrity are the biggest issues in this election

Former Guam Delegate and UOG President Robert Underwood (file photo)

With election day now finally upon us, congressional candidate Dr. Robert Underwood would like to remind voters that “trust is on the ballot.”

On an address on his Facebook page, Underwood said trust is the number one issue in this election and it is on the ballot for voters to decide on.

“And you measure that trust by a record of integrity and a record of honesty. Even when things don’t go right. You don’t make excuses. You take responsibility,” Underwood said.

During his address, Underwood also talked about his platform. He said he is the only congressional candidate with a comprehensive platform this election.

“We are, of course, facing enormous economic challenges. I’ve outlined a comprehensive plan for recovery which will hopefully turn the military buildup into a local buildup. I hope to jumpstart tourism by creating a new immigration zone with the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. And also, creating new jobs, high tech jobs. Knowledge economy jobs that rely on sustainability, intellectual capacity, and taking advantage of opportunities like those provided by undersea cables and health care. We are in need of desperate health care reform and access to health care pandemic assistance,” the former congressman said.

He added that he will spare no effort to make sure that everybody in Guam has access to affordable health care by expanding Medicaid, and making the Affordable Care Act applicable in a responsible way.

The former UOG president also said that Guam’s educational system has already changed as a result of the pandemic and he will give students the tools they need.

But just as important, Underwood reiterated, are trust, integrity, and honesty.

“When I say that trust is on the ballot. That means, actually, that you have to believe that the candidate that you vote for has a high level of honesty and integrity, skill, and competence. It’s really about honesty and integrity,” Underwood concluded.