Underwood unveils plan for promoting and protecting Guam’s unique status and resources

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In a news conference Tuesday morning, Congressman Robert Underwood presented the final pillar of his platform.

Part IV lays out Underwood’s vision for promoting and protecting Guam’s unique status and resources. In it, he highlighted the following key areas:

• Utilize the current nationwide interest in social justice movements to present Guam’s case in Congress;

• Seek critical funding for a successful public education campaign on self-determination and the three political status options of independence, free association, or integration;

• Introduce legislation to amend the Guam Congressional Representation Act to allow the full voting representation of the Guam Delegate in the House of Representatives;

• Introduce legislation to amend the State Department Authorization Act to allow Guam to provide input in Compact of Free Association discussions and future discussions;

• Secure funding for Guam’s people eligible for Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) regardless of where they live;

• Seek funding to support the development of circular economies for more
sustainable living;

• Support the perpetuation of cultural arts by securing additional funding for grants and programs for local artists, cultural practitioners, and entrepreneurs to express and share the authentic Guam experience with residents and visitors alike;

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“Over the course of this campaign, and throughout my career, having met with a cross-section of Guam’s diverse communities, I have listened to your needs, ideas, and dreams for us and our future,” Underwood stated. “All I have heard and learned from you, is contained in this platform. It was written with your voice as my guide, and it will serve as a living document throughout my term as Guam’s Delegate in Congress.”

To date, Underwood remains the only Congressional candidate with a comprehensive plan for Guam.

The platform can be found on Underwood’s website and social media pages:

Underwood for Guam Website | RU Ready

Robert is running for Congress to provide dignified and trustworthy representation for the people of Guam in Washington DC. He will fight for Guam, not fight with Guam’s leaders. Working in Washington DC demands a focus on Guam issues as they are dealt with by the federal government and the US Congress.

Robert Underwood

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