Underwood unveils plans for veterans, WWII generation, manamko and manhoben

Dr. Robert Underwood called his plan "Rebuilding Guam's Future: Recover, Renew and Prosper" and presented some of the key points during the news conference.

In a news conference Tuesday morning, congressional candidate Dr. Robert Underwood presented his plans to help veterans and the World War II generation as well as our manamko’ and manhoben.

Underwood called his plan “Rebuilding Guam’s Future: Recover, Renew and Prosper” and and referred to this pillar as “Never Forgetting Our People.”

He presented some of the key points during the news conference.

Part of the plan is to reopen the war claims process for eligible recipients and to launch a nationwide campaign informing eligible recipients of the process and the new deadline.

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For veterans, Underwood plans to start a new count to include the veterans in the CNMI and the Micronesian region to justify upgraded health care services and a fully functioning Veterans Benefit Center.

Underwood also wants to establish full-service medical care services for Guam and the region through a Veterans Administration-supported hospital and pharmacy or explore a cooperative agreement with Naval Hospital, which will include Nursing Home Services for eligible veterans and other eligible persons

For Guam’s manhoben, Underwood is proposing programs that promote healthy lifestyles by addressing childhood obesity and teen substance abuse.