Underwood urges San Nicolas to be truthful with FEC and people of Guam

(UOG photo)

On September 13, 2020 the Federal Election Commission (FEC) gave two letters to the Michael FQ San Nicolas for Congress Committee. Both noted that “failure to adequately respond and provide adequate information that could result in another audit or enforcement action.”

The first letter responded to the quarterly report ending March 31, 2020 and questions how the disclosure of a refund to Andrew Park could be made when it was not previously reported.

The second letter responded to the quarterly report ending June 30, 2020 indicating that the payments disclosed do not equal the debt payments disclosed. The FEC requested San Nicolas provide information “essential to full public disclosure of your (his) federal election campaign finances”

Robert Underwood said: “It is disturbing that Delegate San Nicolas continues to fail in his
obligation to provide accurate information to the FEC. He is under investigation and should
demonstrate to the FEC and the people of Guam his desire to be completely forthcoming, to be accurate and give full disclosure on his responsibility for campaign finances.”

Delegate San Nicolas is currently under investigation by the House Committee on Ethics
for converting campaign funds to personal use; accepting improper and/or excessive campaign contributions; and reporting campaign disbursements that may not be legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures.

(Underwood for Congress News Release)