Unemployment Rate on Guam Drops


According to the Governor’s Office unemployment on Guam continues to drop. 

Guam – The Governor’s office has announced that Guam’s unemployment rate has dropped below 7 percent.


 According to a release from the Governor’s office employment numbers are growing and the unemployment rate continues to drop as private sector jobs continue to rise. The Governor is quoted as saying that “confidence in our economy is drawing more investors which means more jobs and opportunities for our people.” The Guam Department of Labor has completed an unemployment situation for Guam report for March and a current employment report for June of 2015. The first quarter unemployment report for 2015 showed a consistent decrease in unemployment. In March 2011 the unemployment rate was 13.3 percent and by March of 2015 that rate had dropped to 6.9 percent.


 Meanwhile DOL’s current employment report for June shows an increase in private sector jobs. In June of 2011 there were 45,620 private sector jobs compared to June of 2015’s 47,610 private sector jobs. 


  1. I believe that low unemployment figures are a direct result that many people have simply stopped looking for jobs or are bent on never having one. Take a look at the food stamp program. It used to be 1 in 7 people were on this program. Now it’s more like 1 in 3. SHAMEFUL!

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