VIDEO: GFT President Rector Compares Governor Calvo to Wisconsin Governor Walker


Guam – Education’s role in the future of our island was one of Governor Eddie Calvo’s major themes in the State Of The Island address last night. 

While calling for an overhaul of the education system, the Governor blamed the Guam Federation of Teachers union for standing in the way.  GFT President Matt Rector compared the Governor’s statements to those of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“Its kind of funny that he would declare war on teachers and unions, its pull a page right out of the Republican playbook and he’s trying to do a Walker,” Rector said. “The Governor finally came out of the closet, he finally admitted what we figured he was doing all along which is try to kill the union.”

Rector said the Governor’s speech also passed blame from the Guam Education Board to GFT on the closure of FQ Sanchez Elementary School.

“We have nothing to do with that, the law says that there has to be a nurse at every school what difference does it make whether you switch them back and forth,” Rector said responding to the Governor’s accusation that that GFT refused to allow the board to transfer a high paid nurse from FQ Sanchez to a larger school in exchange for a nurse who is paid less. “He just blamed the union for what they did which was rob the village of Umatac of their own school.”