United Airline Flight Attendants Picket Outside A.B Won Pat Airport


United flight attendants on Guam are currently picketing in front of the A.B. Won Pat Airport, joining the rally with the thousands of other UA Flight Attendants nationwide.

PNC’s Devin Eligio speaks with UA’s Labor Union President about the picketing.

United Airlines flight attendants across the country are picketing against the airline’s management.

The nationwide picket line follows the workers’ concerns over operational disruptions, short staffing, and lack of compensation for the long delays as a result of the former.

The Association of Flight Attendants, a labor union representing United’s workers, is picketing to get their concerns across to management. Additionally, they hope to inform the public how this issue will affect their travel.

Rsei Isim, Association of Flight Attendants President said, “Flight attendants have been left empty handed and stranded themselves, or they’ve stranded themselves without support from management who are actually the ones running the airline.”

Rsei Isim, the President of the Guam’s Association of Flight Attendants, gave some examples on the airline management’s shortfalls.

He says management failed to staff crew schedulers, the person in charge of assigning crew members to flights.

Along with that, Isim says United failed to enhance the flight attendants support team.

As a result, passengers and crew members are forced to sit through long delays on the tarmac, and sometimes flight cancellations, because of these staffing shortages.

Isim further said, “You know the AFA has offered solutions to some of these problems but management has yet to acknowledge that there is a problem.”

One local United flight attendant shared that they’re not paid until the aircraft leaves the tarmac. This means that flight attendants are not paid for their time during a long delay, prompting their unrest.

200 of Guam’s United flight attendants are represented by the union.

President Isim says that he anticipates a good turnout to the picket today.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center,
I’m Devin Eligio


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