United Airlines Cancels Guam’s Direct Flights to Two Countries


United Airlines will no longer service Guam’s direct flights to and from Korea and Australia.



United Airlines is canceling Guam’s direct flights to and from Cairns, Australia and Seoul, Korea.  In less than three months, the airline will officially stop those flight services. The Guam–Cairns flight will end on September 26th and their last Guam-Seoul Incheon flight is scheduled for September 30th. It is reported that United says the cancellation is a result of poor financial performance.  However, GIAA says they have been actively engaged with GVB and GEDA in attracting new and current operators of opportunities to start or expand services to Guam.

Also according to GIAA, current operator, Jin Air is boosting its operation on the Seoul/Guam route.  It will restore its second daily flight from July 29 through August 30, 2015, to address seasonal demand.  GIAA additionally states that T’way is finalizing its plans to operate to Guam with an intention to operate 7 times weekly between Guam and Seoul.

Other areas of Korea are still increasing air travel opportunities as well.  Air Busan just began its weekly flights to Busan. They are stated to have four flights scheduled each week. Its first full arrival and departure occurred today at the Guam Airport.

As for United Airline’s Guam flights to Cairns, Australia, the island is said to have been a transit hub with most of their passengers originating in Japan and utilizing transit via Guam to Cairns.   

PNC contacted United Airlines corporate media relations for a comment but has yet to receive a response; Updates to follow.