United Airlines career fair

PNC file photo

Looking for a new job or a change in careers? Well United Airlines is hosting a job fair to bring in new employees.

United, the airline with the biggest presence on Guam, hosts the second day of their career fair on the island for open roles in Denver, Colorado.

Today was the second day of the event, which will be extended until tomorrow, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Hyatt ballroom.

There is no appointment required and walk-ins are encouraged. Candidates who attend could go through the interview process on site and if hired, they would start the onboarding and clearance process right away.

After the onboarding process is completed, Magda Morais, United’s Managing Director of Talent Acquisition, said that new hires will have the opportunity to pick their five-week training dates.

“We have the capability of doing the training here in Guam because we have a huge presence here and also they will have a choice to do their entire training at Denver, so they have a choice,” says Morais.

United is looking to hire more than 1,800 people for roles in Denver, including ramp services, aircraft technicians, storekeepers and more as the airline continues to expand.

“Aircraft mechanics, facility maintenance, customer service agents, supervisors, so we have plenty of jobs available at our career site. In the next five years we are planning to hire 50,000 people at United airlines so that’s more than half of what our head count is currently,” says Morais.

Sam Shinohara, United’s Managing Director of Airport Operations for the Asia-Pacific sector, said that now is an ideal time to join the airline as these career opportunities come with outstanding benefits, competitive pay, flight privileges and more.

The airline is offering a $25,000 relocation incentive to Guam residents that qualify and complete the interview and clearance process successfully.

New employees not only could have the opportunity to benefit from all this, but a job with United could also be a starting point of a long-term career with advancement opportunities.

“I consider United not just a job, it’s a career. I started with the company 25 years ago as a customer service agent and I decided to make a career out of this company so we have a lot of opportunities for you to be whoever you want to be. So you can start as a ramp service employee and you become a supervisor, manager, an airport operations, human resources, we have a bunch of divisions out there so it’s a huge opportunity for someone that wants to start as a frontline and move themselves up the corporate ladder.”

Applicants are encouraged to apply online if unable to attend the career fair tomorrow. Visit United.com and click the career link to apply.