United Airlines Computer Glitch Causes Flights to be Grounded; Will Not Affect Guam


A computer glitch caused United to ground 800 fights early Wednesday morning on the U.S. mainland, but it will not affect Guam. 

Guam – Another technology issue, this time, a computer glitch which caused a number of united airlines flights to be grounded, and hundreds of flights to be delayed in the U.S. mainland.

 According to multiple media reports, a computer glitch has caused 800 United flights to be grounded earlier this morning on the mainland. Managing Director for United Asia-Pacific Operations Samuel Shinohara told Patti Aroyo on the k57 breakfast show this morning, “it appears we had a network connectivity issue, but we haven’t had any impacts to our departures today. Shinohara does not expect any delays to flights coming in and going out from Guam.