United Airlines hopes to boost tourism


With Guam’s tourism industry gearing up for a comeback, United Airlines announced their plans to promote the revival of tourist markets…

PNC’s Devin Eligio has the story…

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COVID travel restrictions are slowly lifting worldwide and to United Airlines Airline Operations Managing Director Sam Shinohara, now is the time to reestablish connections to promote travel to Guam.

United Airlines Japan Managing Director Toru Takahashi says Guam is a “choice destination” for Japanese tourists and is hopeful for pre-pandemic tourist turnout.

The revival of the tourism industry presents employment opportunities in both the airport and technical operations areas of United.

Technical Operations Manager Raymond Cepeda shared that his tech department saw as many as 93 mechanics pre-pandemic. Today, they currently stand at 67 people.

As the global tourism industry reopens, both the airline and technical operations areas of United see this as an opportunity to start hiring.

United Airlines is looking to fly into the future with ambitions to promote frequent travel between Japan and Guam to revive the island’s tourist economy, hoping to host pre pandemic numbers of more than 1 million tourists on Guam.