UNITED: Cancellation of Flights to RMI Possible; Low Pressure in Fuel Pipe at Majuro Preventing Refueling


Guam – United Airlines has announced possible schedule changes for flights to and from the Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ) due to low pressure in a fuel pipe line at the airport.


Due to its technical difficulties, Mobil Micronesia is unable to provide fueling services to United.

United currently operates three-times-weekly service between Guam and Honolulu via Majuro.

Customers who plan to travel to and from Majuro are requested to visit the United website (united.com) or contact the United Airlines Contact Center to check the most updated flight schedules to and from Majuro.

United will continue to closely monitor the situation at the Marshall Islands International Airport and do all possible to bring the affected passengers to their final destinations as quickly as possible.