United only airline servicing Guam, with mostly cargo rather than passengers

Tom Ada has resigned from his post as GIAA executive manager. (PNC file photo)

Planes are still flying in and out of the Guam International Airport, but they are not carrying much passenger traffic.

According to Guam International Airport Authority Executive Director Tom Ada, the only commercial airline operating now is United Airlines and these days they’re carrying more cargo than people.

Two ways in and one way out. That’s all that’s left to anyone who wants to either come to Guam or leave by way of the Guam International Airport.

“We’re down to one flight from Honolulu every day and that’s an aircraft that normally has a capacity of up to 350 passengers, they’ve been coming in with maybe 40 passengers at most,” Ada said.

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There is another flight United is flying down from Japan, said Ada, flying about once a week.

“United does have one flight that comes in from Narita but even that’s going down to once a week now and even that aircraft is coming in with 20 passengers. So what the flight is mostly bringing in is cargo,” Ada said.

And virtual no travelers are headed back to Narita from Guam where a two-week mandatory quarantine awaits so the only way out is to head back to Honolulu.

“And the reverse is also true, so for anybody that wants to leave Guam at this point in time, the only way out is Honolulu, once a day. That’s a flight that used to leave at 7, now it’s being pushed back to 9 in the morning,” Ada said.

Ada says United has become more of a cargo than a passenger carrier at this point.

“They just don’t have the passenger load to really make those flights economically feasible but they’re bringing in a lot of supplies so its not so much of a passenger carrier more so than cargo,” Ada said.

And today, Ada said, was the last flight from the FSM for the month of April. He is not sure when they might resume.