United plane pull a resounding success!

Paula Monk, United's senior sales manager, Guam and Micronesia, commended those who participated and helped in making this event possible.

Do you think you have what it takes to pull a 145,000 pound aircraft? Over the weekend, teams from all over the island competed at United Airlines’ 14th Annual United Plane Pull to be crowned champion.

Thirty-two teams gathered at the United Hangar in Tiyan on Saturday to tow the line in the fight against cancer.

This year’s event brought in more than $20,000, which directly and equally benefited Plane Pull beneficiaries American Cancer Society and Guam Cancer Care.

The annual Plane Pull event, which is organized and sponsored by United employees, has attracted more than 12,000 participants throughout the past 14 years and has raised close to $360,000 for local charities.

Teams competed to pull a United Boeing 737 aircraft 12 feet in the fastest time, claiming the title of 2019 United Plane Pull Champion.

Leo Palace/Team Chikara won the men’s division and The Giving Tree Preschool/Team #TGT took the win in the co-ed division.

For those who came out to support their teams, the event meant more than a competition. To them, the plane pull signified how working together can create positive change.

Celine Comia from the Westin team, said she’s glad that any company or any individual family or friend can support cancer survivors “and just make this community so positive!”

Hannah Marzan, also from the Westin, said pulling the plane is like a metaphor of the struggle between cancer, society ,and also ourselves. “Really, when they’re pulling the plane, it’s all about conquering … like I’m strong enough to do this … even if I have an illness, I can overcome this illness with the help of my family and community.”

While the main event featured the plane pull competition, there were also plenty of other activities, including live music, food concessions, and more.

Paula Monk, United’s senior sales manager, Guam and Micronesia, commended those who participated and helped in making this event possible.

“I just want to thank our partners at Guam Airport Authority who’ve helped us make this event possible for us, my coworkers the United employees, and then all the businesses that came out … the 32 teams that are here to compete … and most importantly, for our survivors and our warriors as they continue to fight this disease that we continue to support them through raising funds with our friends and family at Guam Cancer Care and American Cancer Society,” Monk said.

This year, 20 media representatives from 12 different outlets joined forces to tow the line to save lives for the first time. Together, the media team raised more than $1,250 to contribute to the cause.