United protests Philippine Airlines code-share application

Philippine Airlines (Philippine Airlines photo)

United Airlines has filed a protest with the U.S. Department of Transportation over plans by Philippine Airlines to code-share with PAL Express on scheduled flights between Manila and Guam.

The Flight Global website reports the request was submitted to U.S. DOT on November 6th by PAL Express’ parent company Air Philippines Corporation. PAL Express wants the code-sharing approved for flights from March 5th of next year.

Air Philippines says a code-sharing arraignment would be in the public interest and would promote travel and tourism to Guam. However in its protest United countered that Air Philippines is seeking seeks benefits that are currently denied to United, according to the report.

United operates one daily direct flight between Guam and Manila.

United wants to add another flight but said in its filing with the U.S. DOT that it has been denied “slots and other airport infrastructure necessary for its additional flight plans.”

United wants U.S. DOT to hold off on approving Air Philippines code-share application “until the airport access challenges it has experienced at Manila” have been “rectified.”

In response to the Flight Global website story United issued the following statement:

“United Airlines currently operates flights between Guam and Manila and has expressed interest in increasing its Philippine service at Manila, which we believe to be in the public’s interest.”

“While United is not opposed in principle to PAL Express’s request, United objects to the application to the extent that it seeks benefits that are currently being denied to United and its customer base.”

“United is urging the Department of Transportation to defer a decision on the application until United’s access issues at Manila have been addressed.”

“With access to more flights at Manila, United would be able to continue to grow and expand our global route network and offer our customers more choice and access to this part of Asia.”