United resuming Guam-Saipan service, but 14-day quarantine remains


While United Airlines is resuming its Guam-Saipan service tomorrow, passengers on those flights would still have to go through mandatory 14-day quarantine.

United Airlines has informed the Commonwealth Ports Authority that it will resume its CNMI-Guam flight service beginning May 2.

The airline suspended all flights between the CNMI and Guam on April 6 in response to Governor Ralph Torres’s concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

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CPA Chairwoman Kimberlyn King-Hinds told Variety on Wednesday that while United Airlines will be flying travelers between Guam and the CNMI three times a week, the standing directive from the CNMI government “has not changed with regard to discouraging travel in and out and between the islands of the CNMI as a health precaution in light of the pandemic.”

Press Secretary Kevin Bautista said: “All passengers traveling from outside of the Commonwealth will continue to be subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days at a designated quarantine facility.”

He added that quarantine “is one of the reasons why we have been able to keep our curve flat.”