United wins ‘People’s Voice’ Webby award for best travel app

United’s app was one of five nominees in the Travel App and Software category, and was named the “People’s Voice” winner. (United photo)

The recently redesigned United Airlines mobile app was voted the Best Travel App in the 25th annual Webby Awards. United’s app was one of five nominees in the Travel App and Software category, and was named the “People’s Voice” winner.

United debuted its redesigned app in October of last year, featuring enhanced accessibility for visually impaired customers, more intuitive navigation and faster processing. United has continued to enhance the app to make it an all-in-one solution for customers to seamlessly navigate their travel experience.

In January, United introduced the “Travel-Ready Center” to its mobile app, which allows customers to upload and validate test results, review local entry requirements, find and schedule appointments with testing providers, and store vaccination records.

“We’re honored that our customers voted for United to win this award, and we plan to
continue introducing new features and enhancements to ensure we are offering the most
innovative and inclusive airline app in the industry,” said Linda Jojo, executive vice president for technology and chief digital officer, United. “Over the last year, it has been a top priority for us to make travel easier and more accessible for all, and United’s mobile app gives customers everything they need for their travels right in the palm of their hand.”

Already the top downloaded airline app for Apple and Android phones, with up to 2.5 million users interacting with the app daily, the United app was redesigned last year to help make travel easier for people with visual disabilities. Some of the enhanced features include increased color contrast, more space between graphics and reordering how information is displayed and announced to better integrate with the screen reader technologies built into most handheld devices

like VoiceOver and TalkBack that read aloud on-screen messages and notifications. By
restructuring the way the information is organized, screen readers are better able to convert text to audio in the proper, logical sequence, allowing customers to better understand and navigate the app.

In addition to the accessibility enhancements, United also introduced a refreshed account
experience for MileagePlus® members to easily check balances, track Premier® progress, explore MileagePlus benefits, access past activity and more. The airline also updated its design and navigation to make the app more intuitive and help customers find everything they may need for their travels.

All of these changes are underpinned by a new back-end platform, which ultimately
makes the app faster and more responsive.

United has continued to add industry-leading features to its app in the months since the
redesign, including:

• Travel-Ready Center: A digital solution that allows customers to view COVID-19 entry
requirements, find, schedule and receive uploaded test results from local providers
and upload any required testing and vaccination records for domestic and
international travel, all in one place. United is the first and only U.S. airline to integrate
all these features into its mobile app and website.

• Agent on Demand: Customers at select airports can receive virtual, on demand
customer service, giving people an easy, contact-free option to get real-time
information and support. Customers can access “Agent on Demand” on the United
app to call, text or video chat live with an agent and get answers on everything from
seat assignments to boarding times.

• United Map Search: An interactive map feature powered by Google Flight Search
Enterprise Technology, that lets customers easily compare and shop for flights, based
on departure city, budget and location type, including popular national park, skiing and
cultural destinations. This new digital tool available on the United app and website
displays fares in a map view, allowing customers to simultaneously compare travel to
a variety of destinations in a single search.

• Contactless Payment: On flights offering for-purchase food and beverage options,
United customers can now use United’s new contactless payment system that allows
them to store their payment information in a digital wallet on the United app and on
United.com prior to departure. Rather than handing the flight attendant a credit card,
the flight attendant will ask for the customer’s name and seat to confirm the card on
file. Once confirmed, customers will receive their products and the card on file will be
charged accordingly.

The Webby Awards is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on
the Internet, and United’s app was the only major U.S. carrier app nominated for a Webby award this year. In 2019, United’s mobile app was awarded a People’s Voice Webby Award in the Business and Finance category.

(United Airlines News Release)