University Singers To Perform Music Inspired By “Glee”


Guam- Starting Thursday, the University Singers are putting on 3 performances that feature a collection of songs inspired by the hit TV show “Glee”.

University of Guam Professor Dr. Randall Johnson says they realized the success of the show and wanted to do something fun.

 “The students put together a script so that it kind of glues the songs together” said Johnson. “The choir is singing 9 different songs all with a band. The band is on stage with us all the time. There’s 10 people in the band, 21 people in the choir.”

Johnson explains the performances are coupled with humor and different personas from his cast of singers and band members. Student Nick Rice is part of the cast. He talks about what persona he plays and his excitement for their show.

“I’m generally excited about the show” said Rice. The persona I have to play is a metal head in school. Each person is playing a stereotype that they either fell into during their own high school experience or something they look like now.”

Some of the singers are, in fact, fans of Glee and want everyone to listen to their line-up.

“I like all the music they do in the show” said University Singer Tanya Dela Cruz. “I guess it’s going to be fun when we, University Singers, do it!”

The shows start at 7 pm through Saturday at the UOG Fine Arts Theater. General Admission is $7 dollars and $5 dollars for students. UOG students get in for free.