Unsafe, dirty school bus stops becoming an issue

Some bus stops are located in heavy traffic areas.

Reports of unsafe and dirty school bus stops that pose a danger to school children are making their way through social media.

In particular, a bus stop in the Liguan area in Dededo was singled out for having broken glass from beer bottles, overgrown grass, and nearby abandoned vehicles.

Dededo resident Tony Mendiola told the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57 that some bus stops have no guard rail or are located in heavy traffic areas with no speed bumps.

“A number of them are vandalized and dangerously close to the street,” he said.

Guam Education Board member Maria Gutierrez also criticized the companies and socio-civic groups that adopt bus stops but do nothing to clean and maintain them.

She said many of these sponsored bus stops are filthy and the government and volunteers had to do the work to clean them up.

“If they put their logo in the bus stop, they should be responsible for its upkeep,” Gutierrez said.

In response, Dededo Mayor and Mayors Council of Guam President Melissa Savares said the MCOG is already working with the Department of Parks and Recreation to clear out the abandoned vehicles near the school bus stops.

She also said the sponsorship of bus stops are renewed annually so if groups are no longer interested in maintaining bus stops they should just not renew to give others the opportunity to sponsor bus stops.