Untalan hosts ‘Lunch with a Cop’

Untalan Middle School hosted the first "Lunch with a Cop."
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Members of the Guam Police Department continue their work with the community. Partnering up with Guam Department of Education, GPD along with Untalan Middle School hosted the first “Lunch with a Cop” on the campus to afford the student body the opportunity to be heard.

Following a round of successful ‘coffee with a cop’ outings, GPD set their attention this time on the local youth.

Untalan Middle School, along with the Guam Police Department, hosted Lunch with a Cop. The hope is that the students feel they have a voice and are able to discuss issues with officers.

SBA Treasurer Tavia Underwood has already seen a change in her peers for the better.

“It really shows a lot of positivity,” Underwood said.

Establishing common ground and helping make the students feel comfortable enough to speak to law enforcement about any problems is the goal of both GDOE and GPD.

Both parties feel that a median can be reached and they are hopeful to continue Lunch with a Cop at other schools from the elementary level up through high schools.