Unvaccinated GovGuam employees who fail to undergo testing will face disciplinary action


Friday, Sept. 24, was the deadline for GovGuam executive department employees to have their required COVID-19 vaccination.

For those employees who chose not to be vaccinated, they are required to undergo weekly COVID testing. If they do not comply with this requirement, they will face disciplinary action, Department of Administration director Edward Birn warned.

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“Whether someone takes a vaccination is their choice. But exemption from vaccination would require you to do testing. There are some people that have applied for exemption from testing for medical reasons. And that should be reported to HR, and there is a form for doing that. If employees do not apply for exemption and do not undergo testing, the alternative obviously is that there is the possibility of progressive disciplinary action. If employees ignore both mandates, without having an authorized exemption, there will be disciplinary action,” Birn said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

According to Birn, each agency has a designated test site that is hopefully convenient for the employees as well as a test date. And there’s a form that the employees take to the site to get signed by the person doing the test. The employees then bring this signed document back to their agency, which will then forward it to HR.

In the event that there are people who claim to have medical or religious exemptions, the agency directors or the department where that person who claims exemption works will have to bring the exemption document to DOA to determine whether the exemption is eligible.

While not disclosing the exact number of non-compliant employees, Adelup last week stated that less than 400 employees will be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing, which means these employees did not comply with the vaccination mandate.

Tracking will be done weekly by the GovGuam executive department agencies.