UOG Announces Selection of 2012 Cancer Research Center Scholars


Guam –  On January 27, eight University of Guam graduate students each received a Cancer Research Center scholarship covering tuition and fees for the fall 2011 and spring 2012 semesters.


[L-R: Namazi, Caasi, UOG Senior Vice President and Cancer grant co-principal investigator Helen Whippy; Cruz; Cruz’s son Malachi; and Montano. Pictured from left standing are UOG faculty member John Moss, Silbanuz, Halbert, UOG Micronesian Studies advisor Todd Ames, Howard, and Gil Suguitan, program manager, Cancer Research Center. Not pictured: Angelica Okada.]

The scholarships are funded through the University of Guam’s Cancer Research Center.  Each of the scholars is pursuing a research project on a cancer-related issue. Scholars include:

* Sara Namazi, a Master of Science in Environmental Science major,  is studying possible links between indoor radon as a contributing factor leading to lung cancer

* Joanna Caasi, a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology student, is studying the psychological health of cancer patients and their caregivers and attitudes about seeking psychological help

* Perinne Cruz,  a Micronesian Studies graduate student, is studying Guam’s adolescents and their knowledge of the link between lifestyle and cancer

* Melani Montano, a Micronesian Studies graduate student, is studying the utilization of the geographical information system as a tool for studies of environmental factors and their correlation to cancer

* Johnny Silbanuz, a Master in Public Administration student, is studying the effectiveness of tobacco use policies as they relate to UOG and GCC students

* Bradley Halbert, a pre-Environmental Science major is doing research prior to selecting his research topic; and

* John Howard, a Master of Public Administration major, plans to develop materials in Chuukese on the health risks of beetle nut.

* Angelica Okada, a Micronesian Studies graduate student, is studying the social, emotional and financial effects of cancer on the members of the Pacific Association of Radiation Survivors