UOG Board of Regents OKs New Sexual Misconduct Policy


The policy was approved at special board meeting earlier this afternoon.

Guam – The University of Guam’s Board of Regents unanimously approved to adopt the new Sexual Misconduct Policy, according to UOG Spokesman Jonas Macapinlac.

UOG formed a Sexual Policy Task Force formed in August 2015 which helped create the proposed Sexual Misconduct Policy. The new policy includes updated processes for reporting and filing complaints, banning of romantic relationships between students and faculty or employees, affirmative consent “yes means yes” among students, and established protocols.

Graduate students can engage in a relationship with faculty as long as one is not supervising the other. Faculty members can also engage in a relationship, again, as long as one is not supervising the other.

UOG provides annual sexual harassment training for employees and beginning Fall 2016, all students will be required to take the online training before registering for classes.

UOG also plans on beefing up security such as installing CCTV cameras, providing more security around the school, and adding more lighting to certain areas on campus.