UOG Class Surveys Finds Economy, Not Political Status, is Top Concern of Chamorro Voters


Guam – Students of University of Guam professor Ron Mcninch’s constitutional law class have conducted a poll on the Public’s opinions on Guam’s political status.


Mcninch’s class surveyed 400 Chamoru voters in two splits of two hundred voters each. They surveyed 200 males and 200 females. According to the survey most people are more concerned about the economy than healthcare, education, water & power, or political status. They also found that most people are in favor of statehood for Guam and most do not want to give up their U.S. citizenship.

“34 percent of the people we interviewed chose the economy as the top priority of the government with healthcare and education coming in the top three fifty seven percent chose statehood as a political status,” said UOG student Tim Garcia. “In terms of preferred citizenship 78 percent prefer us citizenship and two percent prefer Guam citizenship,” added UOG student Jerica Blas.

The interviews for the survey were conducted in person and not via telephone. Dr. Mcninch says this method produces results within 3% sample error.