UOG Dean and UOG Alumn/COM Professor Co-author Contribution to Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Guam – Robert Andreas, Professor of Education at the College of Micronesia, and Dr. James Sellmann, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Guam, have co-authored an article entitled “Pacific Island Environmental Philosophy” for the Encyclopedia of Sustainability: The Americas and The Pacific, Vol. 8., 2012.  The article explicates the environmental philosophy and long standing sustainability practices and customs of Pohnpei and makes generalizations to other Pacific island cultures.

Employing elements of permaculture and living on the edge, they describe Pacific island eco-systems as “edge” phenomena where conflicting environmental factors produce vibrant and sustainable cultural and agricultural practices.

Professor Andreas is a UOG alum who studied philosophy with Dr. Sellmann seventeen years ago.  




[Robert Andreas]  

[Dr. James Sellmann]

The Encyclopedia of Sustainability is published by Berkshire Publishing Group. For more information, please contact jsellman@uguam.uog.edu.