UOG Fine Arts Theatre presents The Crucible


Experience UOG Fine Arts Theatre spring production of The Crucible, showing this weekend only. 

Guam – The University of Guam Fine Arts Theater opens spring 2017 with the gripping and moving American drama, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Set during the Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts in 1692, Miller’s play reflects a thinly-veiled criticism of McCarthyism. UOG Theatre Instructor Michelle Blas tells PNC why audiences today can still relate to the play’s political undertones.

“This play is more of a reflection of human beings’ tendency to say things that may not necessarily be true and what happens when we create lies and rumors it spreads and it can destroy lives so we have to be really careful about that and be willing to stand up to it, because if we do not then we’ll see destruction,” she said.

Blas says the play will feature several new faces this year, but viewers might recognize one of the principal actresses of the show: PNC’s very own Chelsea Cruz stars as Abigail Williams.  

“She’s the main antagonist of The Crucible, and a lot of this story kind of develops around her scheming because she knows what she wants and she will do everything in her power to get it. It’s definitely an exciting, high energy, a very tension filled show so you’ll definitely be at the edge of your seats if you’re watching the crucible,” Cruz said.


The play opens tonight at 7 pm, but you can catch The Crucible all weekend long.