UOG Graduate: “Make Your College Journey Worth Every Cent”


Guam – Ayn Rand wrote, “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” 

For University of Guam graduate Albert Pascua, he has made the most of his opportunities and turned them into a career with the federal government as a Program Analyst.

During his college career at UOG, Pascua was an active member of the Student Investment Club and the Young Tourism Professionals.  He believes these student organizations helped him to develop and nurture the communications skills necessary in a professional environment.

“The numerous meetings, the decision-making, and interactions that took place in those meetings truly reflect the characteristics of meetings that I attend as a part of my professional career,” Pascua said. 

During his senior year, he was offered an internship with Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marianas (NAVFAC) under the “Student Temporary Employment Program” with the help of Dr. Marie Claret Ruane, UOG Associate Professor of Economics/Finance.  “Through this program,” said Pascua, “I was able to gain invaluable work experience that fortunately enough turned into a career with NAVFAC.”

Immediately after graduating in 2010, magna cum laude, with a bachelor in business administration, Pascua began his career as a Transportation Specialist working with NAVFAC.  After earning his Master of Business Administration from UOG in 2012, Pascua was offered the opportunity to transfer to California to work with the Naval Facilities Institute as a Program Analyst, and has been living and working in Port Hueneme, California since.

Job Search Advice:  Be Flexible
Though many students may worry about finding a job after college, Pascua says that flexibility in your career choices is key. “My degree was in Finance and Economics. However, after graduation, my first job with NAVFAC had nothing to do with my major! I learned all that I could, and when something opened up in my field, I took the opportunity.  Now I am in a career that is more in line with what I studied in college, with my primary job description being budget management and execution.”

“You probably will not land your dream job the first time around or even the second time around, but perseverance and optimism will really help you go a long way during these tough economic times.”

Get the Most Out of College Life
Pascual hopes that current UOG students make the most out of their college career.  He believes that the faculty can provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in the real world, but it is up to the student to take those tools and create something successful with it.

“The best piece of advice that I can give to my fellow Tritons is to make your college journey worth every cent.  Be passionate about your studies and really try to find relevance in everything that you are learning.”