UOG Great Debate To Feature Open-Ended Questions


 Guam – UOG Professor Ron Mcninch says there will be a total of 18 questions in tonight’s debate with 9 questions for each side. It will be a very structured debate moderated by UOG students. The first team to speak will be decided by a coin toss and then the speakers will take turns and alternate from there. For the opening comments each team will be allotted four minutes and then two minutes for each question asked followed by a one minute rebuttal from the opposing team.


The questions will be open-ended. Mcninch says this is because this debate is all about the answers that the candidates will give. Candidates will be allowed to speak about whatever they want during their one minute rebuttals. The debate will cover six topics education, economy, crime, healthcare, infrastructure, and political status.

 The Great Debate begins tonight (Oct. 28, 2010) at 7p.m. PNC News will be broadcasting the event live in it’s entirety on Fox 6.