UOG Green Army to Learn About Palau’s Conservation Efforts


Guam –  This month, 15 UOG Green Army members will embark on a week-long educational trip to Palau.

President Johnson Toribiong spoke about Palau’s sustainability and conservation efforts during the the 3rd Annual Island Sustainability Conference in April. The Green Army will travel to Palau and observe their quickly growing recycling efforts, dedicated marine conservation and preservation programs, how they maintain sustainable cultural lifestyles and practices, alternative energies, and much more.

The idea to take this trip to Palau came from Mr. Phil Cruz, the President of the Green Army. “I have always heard and read about Palau’s sustainable practices, laws, and regulations. I wanted to have the Green Army experience these things first hand and have all of us learn something about what it truly means to be sustainable in various aspects of life,” Cruz says. “I also want for the Green Army to bring back what they have learned and try to implement these ideas here on Guam.”

The UOG Green Army will meet with the Office of the President while visiting the capitol, receive a presentation from the Palau Conservation Society, have discussions with local sustainable organizations such as the Palau Shark Sanctuary, visit the Rock Islands, as well as give presentations to local schools.

“This gives our students an opportunity to open up a dialogue between island communities. They will be able to discuss ways in which their individual communities are sustainable and hopefully exchange information and ideas on how we can all improve our environments and lifestyles; creating an even stronger island bond based on sustainable knowledge,” says UOG Sustainability Coordinator Elvie Tyler.

The Green Army will depart for Palau on May 17 and return May 24.