UOG Hosts Island Sustainability Conference At Marriott


Guam- The University of Guam is hosting its first “Conference on Island Sustainability” for Guam and Micronesia today and tomorrow.

The conference is being held at the Marriott hotel and provides a forum to discuss issues related to education, environment, energy and social cultural aspects. Dr. Debra Rowe was the plenary speaker of the conference and the president of the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. Earlier this morning, she spoke of how Guam already has elements of sustainable abundance embedded in its culture.

“You have pieces of sustainable abundance built into the culture: these fiestas, the celebrations, music, the joy of family of clans of every generational support and caring”said Rowe.

She also says creating a sustainable future happens when people change private habits and regulations. For example, Dr. Rowe explains Guam should use bicycles more often, encourage more local produce to be sold and perhaps rethink what a typical work life involves. The conference is sponsored by the UOG Center for Island Sustainability. It ends tomorrow, September 3.