UOG Insect Road Show Makes Its Way Around Island Classrooms


Guam – The Western Pacific Tropical Research Center and College of Natural & Applied Sciences are celebrating UOG’s 60th Anniversary in a unique way: a road show featuring the insects of Guam.

The traveling insect exhibit is making its way to classrooms around the island and teachers and students are enthusiastic and inspired.

Four boxes of colorful pinned insects allow students to have a long satisfying look at common bugs they see around the island and really take in the intricacies and diversity of the Class: Hexapoda – which refers to the “six feet” that distinguish insects from other invertebrates. Three banners explain the damage invasive insects are causing on Guam. The insect boxes were assembled by UOG students for their entomology classes while the banners were put together by Drs. Aubrey Moore and Ross Miller, professors and curators of the Wilfred Leon Guerrero Entomology Museum at the university.

“My students were very excited by the exhibit and since I teach marine biology we were able to connect the impact of insects on the marine environment,” says Linda Tatreau a George Washington High School teacher who was instrumental in helping to contact other science teachers about the exhibit.

[George Washington High School students enjoy the UOG traveling insect exhibit]

“One of the banners has information about the Entomology Museum and has useful web address for teachers and students, such as a link to download a pdf of the Butterflies of Micronesia by Ilse H. Schreiner and Donald M. Nafus,” says Dr. Moore. “We hope the display will spark an interest in insects and in the natural world around us,” adds Dr. Miller.  “Curiosity about the world around us, and about insects in particular, is what brought Dr. Moore and I both into the science of entomology and is what keeps us fascinated even to this day.”

UOG, College of Natural & Applied Sciences, the natural choice!

For more information or to book the exhibit for your school contact Olympia Terral at olympia.uog@gmail.com.