UOG MARC Publishes “Children of Chuuk Lagoon”


The book, which was written by UOG Dean Emerita Dr. Mary Spencer, examines the lives of the children of the island of Romunum in the Chuuk lagoon.

Guam – UOG’s Micronesian Area Research Center has published a book called the Children of Chuuk lagoon by UOG Dean Dr. Mary Spencer. The book is based on Dr. Spencer’s analysis of the children of the island of Romunum.


 “Romunum is an island in the Chuuk lagoon and it has a history of American research and that’s why I chose that particular island,” said Dr. Spencer. This island was previously studied by U.S. researchers from Yale back in the 1940’s. They studied the language of Chuuk and did some research on the children of that island. “One of the motivations for me was to try to go back to that island and see what child life was like now also we have very little research on Micronesian children,” said the author.

 Dr. Spencer’s book is an analysis of the life of the children on Romunum. “I’m a research psychologist so I’m very interested on the everyday lives of children and the everyday lives of children really has a lot to do with how you learn about your world.” Dr. Spencer’s book documents the lives a group of children on Romunum. It takes a close look at what their lives are like at school and what their lives are like at home. The book also examines some of the impacts of the Compact of Free Association on the people of Romunum. “I think most people on Romunum understand that for those members of their family who are leaving it’s possible that they may have better economic or educational or health resources if they go to Guam or Hawaii or the U.S. mainland but I think they’re deeply saddened by the loss of so many people from their island,” said Dr. Spencer.


 The book Children of Chuuk lagoon will be available at it’s launch tomorrow(Thurs.) night at 5:30pm at UOG’s class lecture hall. It will also be on sale at the Micronesian Area Research Center and at the language arts conference at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday.