UOG Marine Lab Hosts International Workshop on Coral Spawning and Reef Restoration, Thru July 24

Guam – The SECORE Foundation, UOG Marine Lab and Underwater World Guam, together with trainers from Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Horniman Museum and Aquarium, and University of New South Wales, are hosting the the 2nd Annual Coral Spawning and Reef Restoration Workshop on Guam.
The workshop began yesterday, July 14 and will last through July 24.
This international workshop will feature training in coral reproduction and restoration techniques, coral disease, and coral bleaching. Many of the lectures and workshop activities will be open to the public for observation and participation.
The public is cordially invited to attend the following evening lectures at the UOG Marine Lab lecture hall, and visit the UOG Marine Lab to observe nightly spawning and training activities:
* Friday July 18, 7pm: The SECORE Initiative, Dr. Dirk Petersen, SECORE
* Saturday, July 19, 7pm: Coral Spawning Biology, Dr. James Guest, University of New South Wales
* Sunday, July 20, 7pm: Coral Bleaching and Restoration, Dr. James Guest
* Monday, July 21, 7pm: Coral Bleaching Event on Guam, Mr. David Burdick, Guam Coral Reef Monitoring Program
* Tuesday, July 22, 7pm: Coral Reef Restoration: Dr. James Guest and Dr. Laurie Raymundo, UOG Marine Laboratory
The workshop is sponsored by Payless Car Rental and Micronesian Divers Association. For more information, contact Dr. Laurie Raymundo, at 735-2184.