UOG offers ‘Green Zones’ to students to support online learning

The Green Zones are located within the campus and help support online learning. (PNC photo)

Green Zones at the University of Guam are now available for students, especially those who need the extra support for online access.

The Green Zones are located within the campus and help support online learning.

Educational institutions such as UOG are navigating through the new normal brought by the pandemic.

And in an effort to strengthen online learning, the University of Guam created the Green Zone program.

UOG Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Jonas Macapinlac says the program has been set up in the last couple of weeks.

“This was an effort led by our Senior Vice President, Dr. Anita Enriquez, and we have 6 different areas on campus where any student can go to get high-speed internet and computer equipment if they need it. This is a support effort for students. You know, if you need a laptop, to check out a device of some kind to get your work done, UOG has devices to loan out to students. Students can check with their dean’s offices or contact our IT help deck to get something scheduled,” Macapinlac said.

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The Green Zones are also an active response to the issues students and staff members faced during the lockdown and distance learning.

Dr. Thomas Krise, UOG President, said: “We surveyed our students to find out how many have access to equipment, internet connection, strong enough wifi, quiet spaces, and so on to do this kind of online work. It’s a problem for a lot of people, I’d say a quarter to a third of students have some limitations of some kind.”

Other than high-speed wifi internet connections, the Green Zones provide:

-Spaces cleaned and sanitized regularly and after each use;
-Private spaces available when you need some alone time; and
-Students can use any of the green zones on campus Green Zone on campus.

Students must also register first before using the Green Zones through the UOG website. They must set a time, date, and choose one of the 6 locations. They must also bring their school IDs.

Meanwhile, though there are no formal announcements made yet, Macapinlac tells PNC that the School of Health has programs in the works that are going to support the community.

One of them is the geriatric workforce enhancement for more support for Guam’s manamkos and providing more training for caregivers.