UOG Play Confronts Unspoken Issues Of Local Women


Guam- The University of Guam (UOG) is inviting the community to attend it’s new play “I Famalao’an Ni Manmesgon” or “Women Who Endure.”

UOG Instructor Victoria Leon Guerrero says the play was inspired by the Vagina Monologues and shines a light on the unspoken issues women face around the island. The production was created through a series of writing workshops and story submissions by women and men. Leon Guerrero mentions both genders will be inspired by this event because it covers a wide array of storytelling that’s informative, empowering and healing as community issues are confronted.

“The play covers things anywhere from you know just all the different things that come with having a punkit….all the way to menopause” said Leon Guerrero. “There’s a wonderful monologue about what it’s like to have menopause. But then it also talks about really serious issues like sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide and even celebrating good men who treat women well.”

The play starts at 8 p.m. and is actually part of a double feature event at the UOG Fine Arts Theater. A short play called “NOH Way” will also be featured at 7 p.m. both tonight [Friday] and tomorrow. It costs $10 dollars and the proceeds will benefit four non profit organizations that include VARO, Erica’s House, Island Girl Power and Oasis Empowerment. UOG & GCC students will have free admission.