UOG President Addresses the Future of School


Robert Underwood, president of UOG, speaks to the Association of Government Accountants, Guam chapter, and touted UOG’s ability to provide a quality education despite the university’s relatively limited resources.

Guam – Underwood told members of the Association of Government Accountants that the people of Guam are getting a bargain with UOG. He touted UOG’s ability to provide a diverse number of degrees, a “robust” research program and to secure highly competitive grants despite being on an island with a population of 165,000 people and a 4-billion dollar a year economy. Underwood compared UOG to the university of Hawaii who has triple the population on island and 10 times the economy. Underwood also talked about UOG’s quote “unprecedented” relationship with the rest of Micronesia. According to underwood, UOG charges resident tuition for everybody who lives in Micronesia. Underwood explains how this ties into the future of the university.


“after a lot of thought, after a lot of serious thinking we said UOG at its core is an island focus institution, it has a direct regional focus,” said Underwood. “That commitment comes back to benefit the university in many many more ways, by charging them resident tuition, we can claim that the whole region is our service area, so when we compete for grants and contracts and when we compete for an extension of services we say we are providing service to the Micronesian region and when we provide that service to the Micronesian region, guess what…we win more grants and contracts,” 



Meanwhile, earlier today, 70 volunteers finished a complete makeover of the student services center that included a new paint job and a detailed cleaning inside the building.//