VIDEO: President Underwood Talks About Leadership and UOG at AGA Meeting


Guam – University of Guam President Dr. Robert Underwood spoke at the Association of Government Accountants Guam chapter’s monthly general membership meeting Wednesday.

 Dr. Underwood discussed “leadership and the 60th anniversary of the University of Guam” saying that it was through great and visionary leadership in the mid 1940’s that the University of Guam was established.

It’s a visionary type of leadership he says is lacking from many of today’s leaders. Dr. Underwood says leadership is comprised of three major attributes. First there’s the ambition to be a leader then the knowledge needed to lead and finally the courage to stick to your convictions.

“Your gonna have to deal with the courage of your convictions because you know the rules you know the ethics you know what you’re supposed to do and then you get to that point and they say just do it a little bit more just let me fit in only this time only now just close your eyes don’t look pretend you don’t know it’s very difficult to resist that temptation,” said Dr. Underwood.

The UOG President also focused on the importance of a good education versus experience saying that an education gives people the knowledge to deal with their experiences.