UOG President invests in UOG students; donates $85,000 for scholarships

(From left) Associate Professor Mary Therese F. Cruz, president, UOG Faculty Senate; Lawrence F. Camacho, dean, Enrollment Management & Student Success; Jesse Leon Guerrero; Dr. Saied Safabakhsh, both board directors for the UOG Endowment Foundation; Patricia Krise; Thomas W. Krise, president, UOG; Wilfred P. Leon Guerrero, chairman, UOG Endowment Foundation; Anita Borja Enriquez, senior vice president, Academic & Student Affairs; Margaret Hattori-Uchima, dean, School of Health; Katrina Perez, director, UOG Endowment Foundation; and Shahram Khosrowpanah, dean, School of Engineering. (Photo courtesy of University of Guam)

University of Guam President Thomas W. Krise and his wife, Patricia Krise, have made a personal investment into helping students of the university pursue and complete their degrees. The couple has donated $85,000 to be awarded as three endowed scholarships through the UOG Endowment Foundation.

“We all know people whose financial circumstances have prevented them from finishing school,” Patricia Krise said in a release. “So with these scholarships, we hope to help some of those students continue their degree programs and ultimately receive their diplomas.”

The funds will be awarded specifically to:

* First-generation college students;
* Students who have demonstrated need to complete their degree program; and
* Students who will be participating in unpaid internships with nonprofit organizations.

For each category, $25,000 will be invested. Within three years the earnings will produce $1,000 scholarships for three students each year in perpetuity.

Additionally, to begin the scholarship right away, the couple is giving $1,000 to be awarded to one student per category for the next three years.

“Like many UOG students, I was the first in my family to complete college,” Patricia Krise said, “and the extra financial support I received made all the difference.”