UOG President Krise says steady funding and a strong relationship with GovGuam is vital


In order to upkeep a mission to “Ina, Diskubre yan Setbe”, Enlighten, Discover and Serve, the Univeristy of Guam’s 11th President Dr. Thomas Krise says securing steady funding is vital. ” For every dollar that we get from the government we return about a $1.75 in economic impact to Guam” says President Krise.

The University of Guam’s new President is prioritizing the momentum of research grants and strong relationships with the three branches of GovGuam as the foundation that will allow UOG to continue it’s institutional and regional mission

Dr. Krise states, “The university has done an amazing job of attracting research grants to this institution…We’re bringing a lot of resources into Guam through our research corporation.”

However, the continued success of UOG not only depends greatly on steady funding from research grants, but maintaining a strong relationship with all three branches of GovGuam is also essential.

Dr. Krise further states, “We’re continuing advocacy and communication. We have a very good relationship with the legislature and with the governor’s office and the rest of the executive branch as well, and with the court as well.”

As a GovGuam entity, the university and every other extension of GovGuam will feel the ripple effects of the financial shortfall originating from the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. When asked how he will manage the unavoidable cuts, Dr. Krise remains resourceful, or says resourcefully!

“You know we are advocating for the steadiness of support so we can do more and also we, Dr. Underwood has helped and his team of course, have healped certain kinds of autonomy for the university that helps us bring more resources. The research corporation of UOG is a really smart way to take full advantage of seriously big research grants and be able to administer them at a very high level of quality… In order for the University of Guam to be able to bring more resources to this place, we need to have steady investment in higher education.”

The Triton’s 11th magalahi has big plans for the university, strengthening communication with students, improving its School of Engineering, and conducting guest lectures are only a few of those he has made so far. He has also identified three pillars that UOG is built upon – island, people and leadership. All of which are reliant on a steady stream of funding in order to point the Triton Trident into the future.