VIDEO: UOG President Underwood: IG’s Babauta Report “Much Ado, About Not Much”


Guam – UOG President Robert Underwood calls the Inspector General’s report on Tony Babauta “much ado, about not much.”

The two UOG grants questioned by the Inspector General totaled just over $450-thousand dollars. The funding was for the “Micronesian Center for a Sustainable Future [MCSF].”

Underwood said the MCSF is not a UOG entity. He explained that its an organization that serves the Micronesian Chief Executives. UOG was merely administering the funding.

Although the grant funds for MCSF have now been withdrawn, he said that’s had no impact on UOG’s other fund raising efforts. 

Read the complete report HERE

“I think the report was over-reaching in its charecterization of what I thought were a series of incidents reported by individuals that we don’t know, and there was no verification. And at the end of the report nobody is being charged with anything so there is nothing … there was no specifc law or rule violated. So, I’m just thinking it was much ado about not very much.thing.”

Underwood pointed specifically to the reports claim that there was $32-thousand in “un-allowable expenses” which he said is incorrect.

“They also said that there was $32-thousand dollars in un-allowable costs, and actually when we presented some information it ended up being $4,100 dollars … and that’s not in the report. So .. we’re wondering why isn’t the whole information being presented.”

Separately, Governor Eddie Calvo is also mentioned in the IG’s report which states that the Governor told them that some of Babauta’s trips to Guam had the appearance of political campaigns and the Governor also reportedly told the IG that “decisions Babauta made sometimes had an adverse impact upon the Government of Guam.”