UOG Presidential Search: Dr. Bruce Murphy speaks


Guam – Dr. Bruce Murphy spoke in front of faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University of Guam this afternoon, as the Presidential forum nears an end and the date in which the University will likely announce the next President draws closer.

Across the nation, government funding for universities has steadily decreased while student tuition and fees have increased.

On Guam, budget cuts have been made across the board, and the public schools are not shielded from these cuts.

Time and time again, a budget is proposed and then revised, with the dollar amount granted reflecting lower than what was asked for.

The University of Guam has struggled as the Department of Administration has shorted millions of dollars in allotments to the University.

At the faculty forum, Dr. Bruce Murphy said that at his previous position as President at Nicholls State University in Alabama, he has seen government funding decrease from 75% to 25%, with student tuition and fees making up the difference in percentage.

When asked by a faculty member why he left his previous position, Dr. Murphy said that he felt that he could contribute more at a different institution.

“What I’ve explained to you sounds like a lot of work, and it is a lot of work. And, if you’re not getting the payoff, if you’re not getting the response, if you’re getting legislators that tell you that they don’t believe in higher education, and I’ve had legislators tell me that…you start to say ‘Is this the place that I want to try to continue to butt my head against the wall, or am I going to go someplace else?’ And, I made the decision to go someplace else. I see this as a great opportunity. I talked to a very senior person in the Guam government this morning and I came away from that, very very satisfied that the condition is better, that there is more of an acceptance, that people do understand that they’re just as strapped for money, but maybe we can help them figure that out, maybe we can look for other sources as well,” said Murphy.

Tomorrow, the Presidential forum concludes with a presentation by Dr. Ronald Larsen, one of the nine semifinalists invited to become a finalist, following Dr. Hamid Shirvani’s self-removal from the search.