UOG Presidential Search: Dr. Krise and Dr. Enriquez have spoken


Guam – Two finalists in the University of Guam Presidential search have spoken. Dr. Thomas Krise and Dr. Anita Borja Enriquez have made their presentations to the faculty, students, staff and alumni of the university, as they made use of the short 50 minutes given to them in which to showcase what they have to offer if elected President.

Ina. Diskubre. Setbe. To enlighten, to discover, and to serve.

The mission statement of the university was brought to the front of the stage as the candidates made it clear through dialogue, that they understood the importance of upholding the mission statement.

On Monday, Dr. Krise addressed the audience, as question after question was posed and then answered.

While only one of the four candidates has roots in Guam, it is of public interest to note that Dr. Krise graduated from All Saints Cathedral School in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dr. Krise expressed the same sense of frustration that is all too familiar to residents on Guam, the frustration of not being able to vote with representation.

The USVI and Guam are close political partners among other U.S. territories, whose nonvoting delegates lobby for common causes and serve in the lower house of Congress together.

“I went to high school in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and so Guam has a similar political status that’s always been on my radar [with] issues of governance and representation and the relationship with the federal government and that sort of thing, so there’s that,” said Dr. Krise.

Dr. Krise has an interest in English Literature, with a particular focus on islands in the Caribbean, in the early period of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Today, Dr. Enriquez delivered an impassioned response to a question posed by former Senator, Aline Yamashita.

The question? “What makes you the best choice to be the next President of the University of Guam?”

“I always claim, because when I compete for positions that are higher level, you know, I’m always competing against the world, global candidates, candidates who come from off-island. So, what sets me apart? My competitive advantage is that my heart and soul is for this island, this region and its success,” said Dr. Enriquez.

Tomorrow, Dr. Bruce Murphy will make his presentation, with the forum concluding on Thursday with a presentation by Dr. Ronald Larsen.