UOG Presidential Search: Dr. Ronald Larsen speaks, forum concludes


Guam – The University of Guam Presidential forum has concluded with a final presentation today by Dr. Ronald Larsen.

The Board of Regents will soon convene to vote on the next President for the University, and a decision can be expected soon, as the Fanuchånan (Fall) 2018 Semester commences August 15.

Dr. Larsen is the current Vice Provost at Montana State University-Bozeman, where he says he has observed the nationwide trend of enrollment decline and the consequent budget decline that has stunted university growth.

Larsen points to a lack of high school graduates in the MSU-Bozeman area as reason for the decline in enrollment, but it is the University of Guam that has seen enrollment numbers for upcoming semesters top that of previous semesters.

Dr. Larsen draws parallels between MSU-Bozeman and UOG, as he says he has experience working at a university in which a large number of students are Pell Grant eligible, managing a career, and first generation from Guam.

Speaking on enrollment and retention rates, Larsen says MSU-Bozeman has successfully implemented supplemental instruction for students who may have tested into a developmental course but were instead able to take a co-requisite, so as not to fall further behind.

“What that does, is it means that instead of a student who needs developmental help spending one or two or three semesters trying to get through the developmental courses to get into their program, they are immediately placed into their program, they’re immediately making progress towards a degree. That has a huge impact on how they feel about their programs and it should lead to significant success. If that’s not something we’re doing here, I would strongly suggest we try it,” said Larsen.