UOG Professor found guilty of sexual assault


Ehlert was found guilty of third degree criminal sexual conduct relating to the charges involving victim H.R.

Guam – After seven days of trial, five victims’ testimonies and countless witness testimonies in the trial of University of Guam Professor Michael Ehlert, it only took the jury less than 12 hours to return a verdict and seal the fate of the accused professor dubbed “Dirty White Professor.”

For the first charge of third degree criminal sexual conduct and attempted criminal sexual conduct, Ehlert was found not guilty. In the second charge of third degree criminal sexual conduct, he was found not guilty. However, in the third charge of third degree criminal sexual conduct and second and third counts of attempted criminal sexual conduct, Ehlert was found guilty.

While Ehlert’s defense attorney Jay Arriola declined to comment on the verdict, Prosecutor Matt Heibel issued this statement:

“On behalf of the Attorney General and our whole office, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the victims in this case. Their courage in reporting these sexual assaults and their fortitude to see this matter through to trial is both commendable and inspiring. They will always have our gratitude. I would also like to thank the jury for performing its service. Being a juror is a very difficult task. This was a long, hard fought case, and throughout the trial the jurors were committed to their duties of fairness, attentiveness, and impartiality.”

Ehlert stood accused of sexually assaulting three UOG students at a 2014 “Stroup Party” held at his residence. In addition to the three students, further testimonies by two victims not charged in the case also alleged rape and assault at Stroup parties dating back to 2009. Despite those allegations not being charged in this case, Michael Ehlert could not escape the third degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

Ehlert faces one to eight years for each count of criminal sexual conduct and one to eight years for the lesser included charge of attempted criminal sexual conduct.

Having been found guilty of third degree criminal sexual conduct, Ehlert has been placed on house arrest until his sentencing hearing on October 2, upon which time he may face anywhere from one to eight years in prison. He also must register as a sex offender.

UOG, meanwhile, issued a statement on the verdict, however, they did not address Ehlert’s future employment with the university.

You can read UOG’s statement below:

The University of Guam lauds the bravery and honesty of the women who came forward in this difficult and painful case. This took a tremendous amount of courage and serves as an example for those who have experienced sexual misconduct. Their voices are powerful and transformative.
“The University behaved responsibly and in accordance with its core values,” said Dr. Robert Underwood, UOG President. “But the courage of these women teaches all of us a lesson.”
The University fully cooperated with law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office as they conducted their investigations. 
In 2016, the University updated its sexual misconduct policy to be more clear. Any form of sexual misconduct will not be tolerated within the UOG community.  The University urges its students, employees, and the community to report, to intervene, and to advocate for those who have experienced sexual misconduct.  
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